Lady Irish & Under Armour

Lady Irish fast pitch softball is based in Northwest Ohio (Toledo).  The Lady Irish has young ladies playing on teams based in Ohio and Michigan.  The Lady Irish plays in tournaments in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, as well as Nationals.  The Lady Irish play in ASA, USSSA, PGF and NSA tournaments, as appropriate for each team.

14U Teams

Lady Irish '02
  Head Coach Cory Bryan

Lady Irish 14U Blue

  Head Coach Jeremy Cubberly

Lady Irish 14U Black

  Head Coach Todd Kocsis

Lady Irish 14U Green
  Head Coach Kurt Amstutz

23U Team

Lady Irish 23U / 18+

  Head Coach Todd Omey

10U Team

Lady Irish 10U Green

  Head Coach Michelle Ruiz

12U Teams

Lady Irish '04

  Head Coach John King

Lady Irish 12U Green

  Head Coach Brad Luderman

Lady Irish '05 Elite
  Head Coach Rita Gruenwald

16U Teams​

Lady Irish '01 Elite

  Head Coach Chuck Brososky

Lady Irish 16U Gold

  Head Coach Scott Harris

18U Team

Lady Irish 18U

  Co-Head Coaches

  Chad Savage and Sam Keesey