All ASA Rules apply.

Run Rule after innings:  3rd - 15; 4th - 12; 5th - 10.

Time Limit:  1:20.  No new inning after 1:20.  

Lady Irish & Under Armour

TRAVEL TEAM ONLY - Summer League

* $395 Entry fee +  $25 per game umpire fee

* 8 Games Guaranteed

* League Champion trophy awarded for each age division

* Tuesday Nights starting June 6th - July 25th

* 8U / 10U / 12U / 14U

Each team must be a travel team.  Either an A or B level team.  You can be sanctioned through either the PFG, ASA, USSSA or other sanctioning body for entry into the TRAVEL TEAM ONLY league.  You must provide verification of your travel team registration prior to playing.  

The idea of this league is to give travel teams a place to play weekly where you can have an opportunity to work on some things between tournaments.  We will not accept any Rec teams into this league, unless the team also competes as a travel team and can provide verification of such.  

Contact Cory Bryan for details.